Our design team have added heaps to Good finds this month. We've got beautifully designed puzzles, pin badges, limited edition art-series, inspiration sites and plenty more for your browsing pleasure! On top of that we've also added two new sections; Podcasts and Printed Goods which we will be lovingly curating each month. Ready for a hit of the good stuff? Let's do this.

1) Herb Lest Associates

I first stumbled over Herb Lester's beautiful guides a few years back when I noticed Riley Cran sharing one of his designs over on Dribbble and I immediately fell in love with their unique, beautifully designed little gems.

Herb Lester team up with talented designers from across the globe to collaborate in producing practical, but fun guides and they are definitely ones to watch for future drops.


2) Pinbadges

Who doesn't love cute little badges you can collect and pin around the place! These guys take things one step further with fully customisable enamel pins you can bulk produce for your brand, business, birthday, or anything. On top of that, they also have a curated collection of pre-made designs you can grab of the shelf ready to go.


3) Mejo Object

These stunning puzzles created by Mejo, help people escape from everyday life to enjoy their handcrafted, 100% made in Italy, limited edition products. Every puzzle comes boxed, is numbered by hand and you'll end up with your very own personalised piece of art to show off in your home. If you love a good puzzle and love great design on top of that, then these have got your name written all over them!


4) Flowing page

Ooooh we love a good curated gallery of awesome web designs here at Briefbox HQ. Flowing Page, although relatively new seems to be curating a beautiful collection of various web sites across different industries and themes. We'll definitely be checking back here to see how this gallery progresses.


5) Papersmiths

Part design studio, part book shop and stationery store. What's not to love about these guys. Every single item in their store has been added to their collection with love and passion and if you're a bit bonkers about beautiful stationery and printed goods like we are, then It's definitely worth checking Papersmiths out.


6) 100for10

100for10 is a series of art books, of which each issue contains 100 black and white pages. Initiated by Melville Brand Design in Munich, Germany as a self initiated project to make a statement and prove print is definitely not dead!


7) Counter Print Books

Fall back in love with Books again! Counter Print Books collection is undeniably one of the best out there in all of the curated-with-love bookstores that compete with these guys. If you're looking for some books, or printed goods for your home or for a gift, then we highly recommend checking their store out.


🎤 Podcasts added to Good finds
In a never ending hunt to find awesome resources for designers we often stumble over podcasts that are blowing up in the design industry. We've decided to keep track of all the good stuff we find and this month here's what we've stumbled over:

Design Matters With Debbie Millman
'The world's first podcast about design and an inquiry into the broader world of creative culture...'

'An interview series where we talk to designers about how they got started in design, their internship and job experiences.'

Yo! Podcast Yo! & Newsletter
The Yo! Newsletter curates quality design and development resources while the Yo! Podcast spotlights the incredible people building them.

Design Blind Date
On Design Blind Date Ran Segall is chatting with successful, inspiring, smart designers around the world, trying to learn how the best designers think and work.

Overtime: Dribbble X Meg Lewis
Dribbble’s official podcast with designer Meg Lewis goes behind the shots of your favourite designers

And that just about wraps things up for Good Finds this month, we hope you've found it useful. We'll make sure to check in the same time next month and we look forward to checking our skills out over at Briefbox HQ.