To mark the launch of our brand new Briefbox platform, Made with Briefbox is back with a roundup of our favourite designs submitted during July!

Our community of creators have been busy tackling some of our epic new and old briefs, and we've rounded up some stand out submissions!  Here we showcase our favourite designs across packaging, UI and presentation.

Heard Branding by Steffi Kelly

Submitted to our 'How to Create Brand Case Studies' Course, we immediately noticed Steffi Kelly's conceptual branding and marketing creation for Heard PR. Her use of bold contrasting colours and playful type faces evoke the sense of noise and impact in a visual format. We're a sucker for stickers and stamps here at Briefbox, and we love the way Steffi has really made the most of the shape and space in each to create a stand out design.

Check out more of Steffi's work here.

Beyou branding by Jessica Shaife

Food and Drink Packaging 01 has to be one of our favorite brief sets. The submissions are often so diverse and unique, as everyone brings their own flavour (wink) and creativity- no two are the same. This month we noticed Jessia Shaife's BeYou submission, and it blew us away! We love the minimalist aesthetic created to evoke a sense of health and clean eating. The handwritten style script and bold colour and patterns add a playful touch, which makes the creative feel super modern and millennial friendly. We can totally see this design standing out on shelves and appealing to a young audience!

Zuno Branding by Beatrice Tung

Wow! We absolutely love this brand concept work by Beatrice Tung. Her colour palette and simple illustrative pattern exploration work so well to really bring this brand to life! With awesome subtle mock-ups and a clear minimal style tile you can really see how Beatrice has bought this project to life!

Created as part of our Food and Drink Packaging 01 Brief set.

Zuno branding by Steffi Kelly

We've seen some awesome submissions to our Zuno packaging brief this month and Steffi Kelly really made us look  😎 Here is one of her submissions for our Food and Drink Packaging 01 Brief Set. Brief number 1 of this series is to create a packaging design for fruit tea brand Zuno, and Steffi has smashed it again! She's developed her own unique style using bold and playful colours to draw the eye. We love the overlaying pattern she has created, and the placement of it on the tin, giving it real shelf appeal. What really stood out was how she has incorporated elements of fruit into the logo. It really conveys the fun and fruity ethos of the brand.

Check out more of Steffi's work here.

Yum Goods by Liam Terry

Created as part of our Portfolio Starter Kit mini course, Liam Terry has created this beautiful brand identity and web mock up for Yum Goods, an Artisan Homeware company. In this design, Liam has really let the furniture speak for itself, after all the positioning of the company is 'standout furniture'. He has kept the design super sleek and minimal, using key product images to capture attention. His use of a simple yet striking bold and pink colour palette, creates just the right pop in his design. We also love the creative use of brush strokes to convey the 'Artisanal' element of the brand.

Check out more of Liam's work here.

Klaver Ui concepts by Tanner Colley

Our first brief as part of our set for Digital & UI 01, is to produce a website theme creation for a digital bank. This is Tanner Colley's design- Klaver. What immediately stood out to us was Tanner's use of unexpected bright colours. This super playful colour palette is totally unexpected for a traditionally corporate industry. This set of bright hues and a simple but fun star symbol, ensures it engages with its creative target audience and makes the idea of finances much more appealing! Tanner has truly bought to life the concept of 'different banking for a different world'!

Check out more of Tanner's work here.

That's all for July's roundup! Don't worry if you didn't get featured, there's always next month. If these submissions have got you inspired to perfect your skills or create a new portfolio piece, head over to our Brief Sets section now to view our full collection.

Were you featured on our page but didn't have a link to your portfolio site? Get in touch with us and we'll add in your deets in.

See you next month!