As we approach the end of Spring, we've been delighted to see our students using that precious time available to them before summer begins to put together some seriously striking and impressive responses to our varied brief sets.

With a full library refresh completed at the beginning of this year, we threw down the gauntlet and our community responded in force. It's been great to see such a wide variety of approaches to briefs sent over to us by our students throughout the lockdown period.

From bright and punchy packaging designs to calm and mature brand identities, it's never been more difficult to choose just a few of our favourites from such an impressive sample of student work across multiple disciplines.

Without further ado, let's dive right in and explore a round-up of some of our favourite projects submitted by students in the Briefbox community:

Peep Branding By Sienna Engstrom

Sienna Engstrom's joyful response to our Brand and Identity Brief Set absolutely screams positive energy in this logo exploration and packaging design for Peep.

The combination of a playful and welcoming logo type with a bold colour palette do an excellent job of selling that feel-good summer feeling. Great approach Sienna!

More by Sienna -
Brief set used - Brand and Identity Brief Set

Roots Branding by Ashlee Searle

Ashlee's minimalistic branding created in response to our Briefbox Taster Set seamlessly blends luxurious photography with a calm and confident logo type. Her earthy colour palette helps the brand feel mature and grounded, allowing the product imagery to really jump out from the subdued pastel background.

A carefully considered approach with beautiful execution; great work Ashlee!

More by Ashlee -
Brief set used - Briefbox Taster Set

Custom Luggage Tags By Adam Cayir

The whole team are loving Adam's super simple, lock-up style custom luggage tag designs as part of our Print & Packaging Brief Set. A mature colour palette, with a minimal approach and lovely type contrasting throughout.

We're excited to see more by Adam over the next weeks as he progresses through more of the Briefbox library.

Brief set used - Print & Packaging Brief Set
More by Adam -

ZUNO - Food & Drink Packaging by Emma Beukers

Take a look at Emma Beukers' playful attempt at creating a brand and packaging design system for Zuno Fruit Teas, just one part of our Food & Drinks Packaging Brief Set.

We love the soft pastel colour palette Emma has chosen here, and carrying the custom pattern through to custom mug designs is a really smart way of ensuring the Zuno brand is kept in front of a consumer's eyes while they're enjoying the product - keep it up Emma!

Brief set used - Food & Drinks Packaging Brief Set

Peep Branding by Matt Campbell

Matt's response to our Brand and Identity Brief Set for Peep Sunglasses really nails that sense of joy and playfulness that any summer-themed brand needs to instantly convey.

We also love the repeating pattern Matt created from breaking down the shapes found in the logo type. Decisions like this help to tie everything together across a variety of brand elements and we think it looks great!

More by Matt -
Brief set used - Brand and Identity Brief Set

Hidden Treks by Anda Popovici

Anda's response to our Hidden Treks Brand and Identity Brief Set is quite literally centred around the campfire, a traditional symbol of the outdoors, camaraderie and adventure.

Her text placement of both the company name and founding date frame the logo form nicely, and the burnt orange firelight colour really helps elevate the more earthy, natural tones of the brand.

More by Anda -
Brief set used - Brand and Identity Brief Set

Elsewhere in the Community

With so many awesome submissions submitted throughout the Spring, it's been harder than ever to choose our favourite projects to feature in this roundup.

Don't believe us? Then why not check our student live feed and take a look at what some of our other talented community members have created. If you end up feeling just as inspired as we did, then remember to tag @thebriefbox on your own Insta posts to share your work with our community.

If you're interested in featuring in our next community round-up, then make sure to keep on sending over your favourite submissions to either [email protected] or via any of our mentoring add-ons available here.

See you next month! Team Briefbox 👋