Summer is in full swing here at Briefbox, and despite the combination of beautiful weather and an easing of lockdown restrictions, it's been great to see our talented students still dedicating their free time to creating some beautiful responses to our portfolio-strengthening brief sets.

Throughout July, our community members have taken a deep dive into a selection of briefs both new and old, and have once again proved that there will always be new ways to capture our attention through a combination of stunning visuals and carefully-considered case studies.

Now enough of the small talk! Let's explore this month's round-up of some of our favourite submissions from Briefbox students all around the world:

Chillin Frozen Yoghurt Packaging by Tacie Hoffman

Contrasting a vibrant colour palette and playful illustrations against a pitch-black background, Tacie ensures that her brand identity for a range of vegan yoghurt is always in full focus for their consumers.

We particularly love how she's managed to keep her brand identity looking refined and professional while still giving it a splash of personality - not an easy thing to do but Tacie has nailed it first try - keep it up!

More from Tacie -
Brief set used - Quick Mixed Discipline Brief Set

Klaver Bank UI Concepts by Adam Cayir

The digital banking industry is a sector typically oversaturated with dark and brooding user interfaces, but Adam's response to our Digital and UI Brief Set is a breath of fresh air, focusing instead on a light and professional design system that allows a customer to read their financial data without any aesthetic distractions.

A really mature and well-considered approach here Adam!

More from Adam -
Brief set used - Digital & UI Brief Set

Tropicalia Homepage Design by Nurul Ilma

Nurul's stunning response to our Killer Homepages Brief Set effortlessly captures the vibrance and energy of a music, food and arts festival. Her tropical illustrations frame the main content of the site, and almost seem to invite the reader to take a step forward into the festival experience.

Some really beautiful work here Nurul, and we really can't wait to see what you send over to us next!

More from Nurul -
Brief set used - Killer Homepages Brief Set

Orinoco Coffee Branding and Packaging by James Halliday

Completed as part of our Food & Drink Packaging Brief Set, James' almost nautical colour palette for Orinoco coffee suggests a brand well-travelled and allows the colour assigned to each flavour to take centre stage, giving a potential buyer the chance to really imagine the notes of each coffee's unique flavouring.

A really great example of how a simplified parent brand can allow for room for expansion down the line. Keep them coming James!

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Brief set used - Food & Drink Packaging Brief Set

Common Unity Branding by Arnaud Dirckx

Arnaud's approach to our latest brief set perfectly captures a sense of the 'underground'. Almost industrial in its execution, Arnaud's brand system for Common Unity entices those who are keen to break away from the mainstream and become part of a subculture that is kept deliberately hidden from the uninitiated.

Be sure to keep your eye out for more of his entries over the next few months!

More from Arnaud -
Brief set used - Branding for the Music Industry Brief Set

High-End Fashion Retailer Homepage by Zayan Ezziani

Slick in structure and unburdened by colour, Zayan Ezziani's homepage design for a high-end digital storefront instead focuses on putting the end product directly in front of a viewer's eyes from the offset.

We love the clear sense of hierarchy established throughout the design, with prominent calls-to-action occupying the greatest amount of space. A really well-thought-out execution from Zayan!

More from Zayan -
Brief set used - Digital & UI Brief Set

Elsewhere in the Community

If you're interested in checking out more projects from the rest of the Briefbox community, then we recommend heading over to our student live feed and taking a look at what some of our other creatives have put together over this summer period. Remember to tag @thebriefbox on your own Instagram posts to share your work with the rest of our community.

If you're interested in featuring in our next community round-up ready for the start of the new semester, then make sure to keep on sending over your favourite submissions to either [email protected] or directly over to our mentors via any of our mentoring add-ons available here.

See you next time! Team Briefbox 👋